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Zoom Backgrounds – A Quick Guide

Mar 31, 2022 | Tips & Tricks

Zoom Backgrounds – A Quick Guide

Your Zoom background creates a strong impression of you. With the right background, you’ll feel a lot more confident while broadcasting from your home or office. Backgrounds also come with additional benefits, such as:

– They keep your private spaces private
– They can be a great icebreaker
– They help you project a professional appearance
– They create a feeling of calm/fun
– They minimize distractions and boost productivity

Having the right zoom background could be crucial for a good interview, but you have to avoid certain things like:

Noisy Backgrounds

The level of detail of the background you choose will affect how well you appear. A busier background makes it harder to watch you if you’re in full-screen mode, and harder to see overall.

Messy room/office

If you are not using a virtual background, you need to take care of your surroundings, is super important to show a clear view for your interviews and not show a messy room or being in someplace not appropriate for private interviews.


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