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What is it Like to Work Remotely as a Software Developer?

Mar 22, 2022 | Tips & Tricks

Software plays a fundamental role in the current digital era, where computer-automated processes and internet technology stand supreme. Each sector and industry has unique software needs that require engaging the right software engineers or programmers. Like other job professions, software developers can work onsite in an office setting but are increasingly preferring to work remotely from home. Projections show remote software development as the future of software development.

That’s especially true in the ever-changing world full of uncertainties, such as global pandemics. With multiple companies laying off workers or closing up shop, remote work couldn’t come at a better time. According to Computer Weekly, the covid 19 pandemic has been a major driving force for most software engineers to consider remote jobs. No matter the case, working remotely as a software developer comes with multiple benefits regardless of the ongoing situation. Read on for further insight.

Who Is a Remote Software Developer?

A remote software developer performs their daily software development work away from an office setup. They can work on a freelance basis or in employment with a software company. The remote developer will work from home, follow the set chain of command, and adhere to the set timelines by clients or their employers.

Remote development can benefit both employer and employee. While the former can take time to find the right talent and incur low infrastructure and employment expenditure costs, the latter can enjoy a flexible work schedule and work on multiple projects concurrently.

How to Become a Work Remotely Software Developer

Remote software developer jobs have competitive yearly salaries, and work is almost always readily available due to the high demand for software engineers. Anyone interested in software engineering or development can work remotely and pursue a successful career as work remotely software developer. Here’s how to go about the process:

  • Have the necessary software development skills, including coding languages such as javascript, HTML, python, or CSS. You could learn through high-quality certification programs that guarantee quality skills, expertise, and knowledge. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with various frameworks and libraries.
  • If you’re an already trained software developer, you’ll need to develop and polish your portfolio. You can create one and be a step away from a thriving work remotely software engineer career. Your portfolio should contain a concise summary of your skills and the software development projects you have worked on, your contact details, and links to your professional social media profiles. It introduces you and your selling point to any client or company needing remote software developers.
  • The next step involves gaining software development experience. The higher your experience level, the better your chances of finding and landing a remote software engineer job. A higher experience level will show potential employees or clients that you have the capacity and capability to manage projects independently. It’ll also indicate that you are a reliable person who can deliver on projects with minimal or zero supervision. The best way to gain relevant remote software development experience is through software development gigs. 
  • It’s also vital to align your options with your work remotely software engineer career goals. The choices you may have at hand may be getting employment as a remote software developer for a company or working on software development gigs for clients. Either can be a viable option, allowing you to work at a convenient schedule.
  • With all the above in place, it’s time to prepare a remote work set up in your private or home space. Remember that a proper workstation is vital for efficiency and success on all the software development tasks you’ll have. It also plays a role in enhancing your comfort, morale, and effectiveness. You can create a workstation in a quiet section away from noise and destruction. Ensure that you include a comfortable chair, good lighting, a proper desk, a capable desktop computer or laptop, and access to fast internet.

What Does It Take To Be a Remote Software Developer?

Remote work isn’t cut out for every software engineer or programmer in the market. If you’re conditioned to being in an office environment, you must acclimatize to specific operational aspects to deliver on projects and thrive in your career.

Besides coding and project management skills, you need to have certain personal qualities to be a successful work remotely software developer. That includes:

Self Discipline

It’s imperative to have impeccable self-discipline to succeed as a work remotely software engineer. Working at home takes you away from the traditional office structure, schedule, and timeline. That may make it easy to sink into the freedom that comes with the flexibility of remote work. You could easily blur the lines that distinguish your private and work life.

That’s why it’s crucial to observe a high level of self-discipline when structuring your day and working on any software development tasks. Don’t forget to set realistic schedules and avoid procrastination. Above all else, exert yourself in your work whether or not you feel like it.

Superb Time Management Skills

You can afford a lot of flexibility and autonomy when working remotely as a software engineer. For that reason, you must be responsible and avoid time wastage. It’s vital to prioritize your work, set realistic timelines you can work with, and effectively manage your days. If you’re naturally organized and disciplined with time schedules, you’ll have an easy time managing your work.

Failure to account for your time can cost you your work remotely software developer credibility as you may fail to deliver on tasks. That could ultimately injure your reputation and cost you other projects or even a permanent remote job.

Self Motivation

Your success as work remotely software engineer could depend on your ability to motivate yourself. Working out-of-office can take a toll on your motivation, cause loneliness if you live alone, and lead to boredom since you aren’t in the company of your work buddies. And as you work on your projects, you may feel isolated and demotivated to work.

You’re likely to miss out on deadlines or quit the job without motivation. That’s why you need to motivate yourself in the best way you know. That will increase your happiness, productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Good Communication Skills

Communication is a fundamental aspect of any profession, especially when the job involves remote operations. There may be a limitation of in-person interactions or a total absence of face-to-face communication. However, there are many virtual communication platforms that remote software developers can use to communicate, including Zoom, SaaS, Slack, and Virtual Whiteboards.

Remote software developers should communicate concisely, whether verbally via voice/video calls or in written forms such as instant messages and emails. According to Harsh Maur, any software developer needs to develop and have exceptional communication skills as they are a focal point between clients, the software development team, colleagues, and even software users. Additionally, you must be readily available, reachable, and responsive via any communication means to be reliable remotely.

FAQs About Remote Software Development

What is it like to work remotely as a software engineer?

Working remotely as a software engineer is pretty convenient due to the flexible working hours, the number of projects you can work on, higher productivity, and the ease of achieving a better work-life balance.

Is it easy to work remotely as a software engineer?

Yes, it is. Working remotely from home is much simpler. It alleviates the feeling of “being in exile,” saves you from a daily commute, and offers the ideal opportunity to spend more time with family.

Can I work remotely as a programmer?

Yes, you can work remotely as a programmer. Software engineering is among the flexible professions that allow remote operations. However, you’ll need a powerful laptop and a good internet connection to work from anywhere.

How many hours do remote developers work?

Remote developers may put in approximately eight to nine hours a day, translating to 40 to 45 hours a week.

Do remote software engineers make less?

No. Remote software engineers earn approximately 22% more than engineers who work in offices on a full-time basis.

Do software developers make a lot of money?

Yes. Software developers make a good amount of money, with salaries ranging between $67,000 and $115,000 a year. On average, the yearly stipend may clock $50,000.

What percent of software developer jobs are remote?

Approximately 86% of software developers work remotely, and almost a third of them take up full-time remote jobs working from home.

Can software engineers make millions?

A software engineer can make millions. However, you may have to be among the best of engineers, hold a senior software engineer rank, or even work for top tech firms that offer an annual compensation nearing a million dollars a year. While it’s rare for firms to pay out millions in cash, you could get remuneration as stock units.

Can software developers live anywhere?

Yes. A software developer can live anywhere as long as they access a good and reliable internet connection.

How do I become a remote developer?

It’s easy as: 

  • Gaining the necessary software development skills
  • Preparing and polishing up your web or software developer portfolio
  • Looking for jobs that will provide the relevant software developer experience and industry insights
  • Considering your options as an employed or freelance remote software developer 
  • Preparing your remote workstation

Can a software engineer work from anywhere?

Yes. A software engineer can work from anywhere due to the flexible nature of the profession. With a good laptop and access to a stable internet, you can write code from anywhere.

How much do remote programmers make?

A remote programmer can earn a salary from as low as $27,000 to as high as $176,000 annually, approximately $2,250 to $14,667 monthly. That may depend on their rank, experience, and skillset, with the experienced and skilled falling on the higher end of the spectrum.

Do remote jobs pay well?

Yes. Remote jobs pay well, especially if you have sought after credentials and the experience needed.

How much can you earn as a remote software engineer?

A remote software engineer can earn an annual average salary of approximately $72,200. The amount may differ depending on your role, whereby back-end developers can earn around $73,300 a year while front-end developers earn about $70,000 a year.

Can you travel the world as a software engineer?

Performing software engineers can travel the world and deliver on their work provided they have a working laptop, a reliable internet connection, and a matching schedule with the client or employer. It’s also crucial to get an ok from the boss to work remotely.

Can a software engineer travel?

Software engineers can travel and work concurrently. Travel may come in when clients request face-to-face meetings with engineers from different locations or when remote workers want to experience the world as working professionals.

Do software developers work long hours?

Yes. Software developers may work for longer hours than average, going up to 10 hours a day and 50 hours a week (10 hours more than the traditional 40 hours a week). The time taken for work depends on the nature of the project or the employer’s specifications.

Is it hard to get a remote developer job?

It can be quite a challenge to get a remote job. That can be due to the high number of people applying for the same remote developer job from different parts of the world.

How hard is it to get a fully remote job?

It is much harder to get a fully remote job than a temporary remote gig or the typical office work. But with sought-after technical and non-tech skills coupled with extensive experience, your chances at a fully remote job increase exponentially.

  1. How hard is it to get a remote job as a full-stack developer?

It isn’t that hard to find a full-stack developer remote job. That’s because it’s an in-demand job with many positions available in the tech industry, and most companies embrace remote work agreements to keep the talent they already have. However, it’s imperative to have the requisite experience and technical or non-technical skills for the position.

To Sum It Up

Remote work is the future of software development. Besides breaking the office monotony, it helps motivate engineers and increase the software development team’s productivity. However, it’s imperative to gain the proper knowledge to work remotely and thrive. If you’re an experienced software developer in Mexico or beyond, bilingual software specialists are waiting to help you out.

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