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Top 3 Coding Tips For JavaScript Developers

May 26, 2022 | News, Tips & Tricks

Keep Your Basics Clear

As a Junior developer, go for the basics first because it is essential to pace yourself in JavaScript. For instance, you can start pursuing an online JavaScript course and create complete notes about everything you learn in the course. These notes will help you keep information whenever you need them for complicated syntax and essential JavaScript functionalities. The initial concepts might be simple but essential at the same time because the basics will help you understand the language you are learning. Also, keep absorbing every piece of information you get from basics because it can change your JavaScript approach.

Remember the Rules of Programming

While working with JavaScript, you should consider some rules to help you quickly create amazing projects. Here are a few basic rules:  

  • Make sure you remove the duplicate values through JavaScript’s indexOf() approach.
  • You can use the spread operator or (…) to merge multiple objects or arrays.
  • You can use the destructing method to perform a simple swapping in JavaScript.
  • For evaluating the execution time of the JavaScript code, you can use the timeEnd method.

Learn From the Best and Be the Best

Most important of all, you will need a platform where you can learn new things about JavaScript and other programming languages. That’s why we recommend you explore other websites with Developers communities that can help you in your projects.


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