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The Top 3 Software Developers Tools in 2022

Mar 31, 2022 | Tips & Tricks

One of the best Software Developers Tools that you have been doing software development, and at some point, you have thought about what makes a good programmer. You are probably wondering what you need to learn in 2022 to become a great developer. To advance your software development and programming career, you sometimes ask yourself what you should know as a computer studies graduate.

Software development has been experiencing changes over the years, but some trends seem to be dominant in 2022. Businesses and companies need to keep up with these changes to compete with the future world.

Here is information that will widen your understanding of the tools for software developers so you can excel in software development. You will also know the most preferred tools for programming.

What developers should learn in 2022?

Here are essential things you need to learn if you are targeting a career in software development;

Cloud Computing Skills (AWS, GCP, or Azure)

Many companies are currently moving their environment into the cloud because it is cost-effective and provides better scalability. Therefore, soon we may need to work with cloud-native applications.

Cloud can offer the computing power essential in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning fields. Thus, the skills will be helpful in the sunrise development of these resource-hungry models.

Studying Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Cloud Platform (GCP) will make you more competitive.

Git and Github

Source control is responsible for storing codes. Git and Github are essential software developer tools if you want to learn coding.

Containers (Docker and Kubernetes)

Containers such as Docker assist developers in testing their applications in a unified environment. Also, the containers ease the deployment process.

You can swiftly deploy your application and its dependency in one shot with the aid of a Docker. Correspondingly, Kubernetes, an orchestration tool, takes everything to the next level and can manage the container on your behalf. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your application because Kubernetes can do everything for you automatically.


A text editor is essential for all computer users. Therefore, it will help if you spend time learning your favorite editor and some keyboard shortcuts. Create time and learn VIM if you love it.

IDEs (VSCode or IntelliJIDEA)

Modern IDES like Eclipse or Visual Studio Code are the most widely used software engineering tools. With C, C++, C#, programmers are getting better each day, and Python developers should also learn them.

Additional Software Engineer tools;

  • Data structure and Algorithms
  • Scripting language
  • Computer networks
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Linux(UNIX)
  • Database and SQL

What are the most commonly used Software Developers Tools?

Most software developers use IDEs to save time by combining source code editors’ automation capabilities and debuggers. Also, the IDEs make work more efficient. Here are examples of the IDEs that many software developers use;

  • VS Code, 54.82 percent.
  • Visual Studio, 24.95 percent.
  • IntelliJ IDEA, 17.68 percent.
  • Sublime Text, 11.39 percent.
  • Eclipse, 9.82 percent.

What tools do software developers use?

Here are some helpful software engineer tools:


Github offers software development and version control hosting using a graphical interface and essential collaboration and project management features. GitHub owns the largest community of developers globally, thus is regularly used for issue tracking and code review.


 ProofHub is a friendly, all-in-one software product that provides seamless team communication and custom project reports. Also, it offers mobile and tablet compatibility.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Dreamweaver CC features a famous visual development application that even people with zero knowledge about coding can use. Its helpful features are a dynamic code editor, multi-device support, CSS editing, and code introspection. 


LeanKit is a friendly software product that agile teams trust. LeanKit assists them to collaborate faster with advanced Kanban capabilities, custom board templates, and backlog management.


Codenvy helps debug apps and coding. It is an open-source workspace server that stands as a platform for remote development for teams. Codenvy’s best features are; version control, APIs and extensions, and resource limits.

Crimson Editor

Crimson Editor is a free code editor that supports programming languages like PHP, Java, and Perl. It is respected for its intuitive interface and built-in FTP and syntax. Crimson Editor can replace programs such as Notepad for Software Engineers.

Telerik TeamPulse  

It is essential in the development of mobile applications. It brings together Project Managers, Developers, and Testers to the central hub. Also, it provides actionable data on past and current performance.

Code Climate

Code Climate is an open-source platform that Software Developers use for automating code review. Code Climate can be helpful in swiftly determining whether codes should be merged or not. It essentially assists in ensuring quality codes.


Axosoft is one of the excellent software development tools created on easy-to-use Scrum software. Axosoft is essential in data visualization, bug tracking, and scrum planning board.


BitBucket is a Git repository hosting tool that enables you to share your Git repositories, make and ship software with your team. BitBucket is essential in intelligent mirroring, issue tracking, and branch permissions.

What is the most preferred tool used by programmers in developing a program, and why

There are many software development tools, and each performs a specific function. Here is a list of the most preferred tools:

  • GitHub serves as a Google Drive where users find codes.
  • Gleek is a data modeling tool that provides text-to-diagram functionality.
  • Codepen is essential for sharing your HTML, CSS, and Javascript issues with other users on the platform to get quick solutions.  
  • Buddy runs and builds in isolated containers and supports many frameworks, languages, and task managers. Buddy has excellent integration features that work with AWS, WordPress, and Google.
  • Cloud9 IDE is essential in supporting languages such as JavaScript, Python, C, Ruby, Perk, and PHP.
  • Atom is a well-organized text editor available for free to software developers.
  • Bootstrap provides made-before-hand code blocks, and it is excellent at maintaining consistency.
  • HTML5 Builder is essential for developing mobile and web apps. It is adaptable and one of the fastest software development tools.
  • Azure is important for developers that want to build, manage, and develop web apps. Azure supports many programming languages frameworks and devices. Also, its operating system is faster.
  • Axure is essential for producing wireframes, prototypes, and documentation.  

What should learn in 2022?

Here is a list of skills that software developers should learn in 2022

  • Linux (UNIX)
  • Cloud Computing Skills (AWS, GCP, or Azure)
  • Containers (Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Git and Github
  • VIM
  • Database and SQL
  • IDEs (VSCode or IntelliJIDEA)
  • Data Structure and Algorithms

What technologies should I learn in 2022?

Here is a list of fast-growing technologies that you need to learn to be successful in 2022 and the coming years;

  • Blockchain & DeFi
  • Cyber Security
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality (AR & VR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • 5G Network
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Fintech

What is the 5 software tools?

The five most useful software tools are:

  1. Cloud9 IDE
  2. Buddy
  3. Gleek
  4. GitHub
  5. Codepen

Which software is best for programming?

Development tools include performance analysis, assemblers, compilers, GUI designers, linkers, and debuggers. Using the right tools enhances your productivity immensely and helps maintain the flow of your project. Here is a list of the best software for programming;

  • Emacs
  • Vim
  • NetBeans
  • TextMate
  • Geany
  • Brackets
  • Eclipse
  • gedit

Which is the best software tool to learn?

UltraEdit is an excellent option for a primary text editor because of its performance, security, and flexibility. UltraEdit has an all-access package that allows you to use several useful tools such as Git integration, file finder, and integrated FTP client. The main text editor is powerful. It handles large files with minimal difficulties.

Which software is needed for coding?

Beginner languages require a text editor to help in writing the codes. The text editor has features that ease coding like color coding, Emacs, find-and-replace, Notepad++, auto-complete, and dark mode.  

What is the best developer platform?

Here are examples of the best software development programs to choose from;

  • Android
  • Cross-platform software
  • iOS
  • Graphical user interface
  • js
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Azure Web Apps

 Which tool is best for web development?

Below is a list of web development tools that are trusted globally;

  • com.
  • Chrome DevTools
  • JS
  • NPM
  • CodePen
  • Grunt
  • TypeScript
  • NPM

What are the different types of Software Developers Tools?

Here are the various types of software tools and their examples

  • Language-processing tools; compilers and interpreters.
  • Program analysis tools; dynamic analyzers, cross-reference generators, and static analyzers
  • Testing tools; test data generators and file comparators
  • Debugging tools; interactive debugging systems
  • Reengineering tools; cross-reference systems, and program restructuring system
  • Documentation tools; page layout programs, and image editors
  • Editing tools; text editors, word processors, and diagram editors
  • Method-support tools; design editors, code generators, and data dictionaries.

Which software is best for making logo?

 Making an excellent logo needs proper design software and skills. Here are examples of software that can help make logos:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Affinity designer
  • Canva logo maker
  • Tailor Brands Logo Maker
  • Looka
  • Designhill Logo Maker
  • ICONA Logo Maker
  • Logo Design Studio Pro Online

 How can I develop software?

Here are the primary steps for developing a successful software;

  • Create clear communication channels
  • Elaborate best practices and conventions
  • Create a meaningful description of done
  • Choose the correct continuous integration system
  • Select your tools and applications
  • Use version control systems intelligently

 Which is the best programming software for beginners?

Programming hub is an attractive app that takes a brilliant approach to help you learn to code. Each course takes a comprehensive approach, format, features, and questions at the end of the lesson to help you learn.

What is the best coding software for beginners?

UltraEdit is the best coding language essential to serve as a software engineer tools

 What is the best tool for front-end development?

Here is a list of helpful tools for frontend development to get you started;

Sublime Text

Sublime’s success lies in its vast array of keyboard shortcuts.  Sublime can help you perform simultaneous editing and quick navigation of lines, symbols, and files.

Chrome Developer tools

This is one of the software engineer tools that allow you to access web applications’ internals. Also, a palette of these network tools can optimize your loading flows. The timeline will give you a deeper understanding of what the browser is doing.


jQuery gives you a greater scope for making animations, navigating documents, and adding plug-ins.


AngularJS enables you to extend your application’s HTML syntax resulting in a more readable, quick-to-develop environment that could be difficult to build with HTML alone.

Which software is used for frontend?

There is numerous frontend web development software that can fasten your development work. Here is a list to choose from;

  • Sencha Ext JS
  • Creative Tim
  • Envanto HTML Templates
  • MyFonts
  • Elfsight

What are backend Software Developers Tools?

Backend Web Development is in charge of ensuring your website operates appropriately. You can choose any of these tools regarding your needs while doing Backend Development.

  • Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP); platforms such as Wikipedia, WordPress, Facebook use PHP.
  • Python supports many programs such as  Object-Oriented, Procedural, and Functional. Instagram, Spotify, and Google are some popular platforms using Python in their tech stacks. Therefore, it is preferred by web developers.  
  • JavaScript
  • Laravel
  • Django
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Apache


Software engineers use various tools for issues such as version control, software development, code review, bug tracking, and git repository hosting. There is numerous helpful free software available on the website. But staying on top requires knowing new tools and how essential they are to software developers.

The demand for software development tools is increasing daily. The software industry is one of the fastest-growing industries globally and is worth trillions of dollars. Therefore it is no surprise many people want to join it. Now that you’ve learned how to find a software developer job in 2022, you’re ready to meet with the talent acquisition team at Sonatafy Technology, where you can interview and apply for software development career opportunities with US-based companies.

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