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The SDET Role: Programmer, Tester, or Both?

Jun 16, 2022 | Career Path, Opportunities

Software development engineer in the test is an increasingly popular title for software testers, but one with substantive differences from a traditional QA role. SDETs have skills in programming and technical testing tasks, abilities, and know-how that IT organizations can use to complement more conventional testers.

QA professionals manually test applications with written testing plans and traceability matrices, whereas SDETs write code to test applications via automation. SDETs might create test automation frameworks with custom code designed to make testing specific applications easier and more reliable frameworks for other QA professionals to write detailed tests within.

SDETs are technical IT professionals who have strong backgrounds in both programming and software testing. They thoroughly understand software testing patterns, best practices, and the application under test. An SDET could be a sort of tech lead for a QA team.

Interesting, right? If you are pursuing a career as a QA or Manual Tester and would like to level up your knowledge, you should further get more information about the role of SDET, and see the new opportunities it can offer in your professional and personal growth.


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