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Sonatafy Nexxus Network – Fastest Growing LinkedIn Group For Latin American Engineers

Jun 21, 2022 | Career Path, News, Opportunities

Sonatafy Technology launched in March of this year (2022); the Sonatafy Nexxus Network LinkedIn group has already surged to nearly 3000 active members, with almost 100% of these members being from Latin America with confirmed positions as software engineers, software developers, or computer programmers.

The Sonatafy Nexxus Network was developed to provide a strong community of tech professionals in Latin America, where they could learn and develop new skills, network, meet other like-minded professionals, participate in events, and have direct access to career opportunities with US-based companies through the Sonatafy Technology client portfolio.

This group provides members with daily informational, technical, and entertaining videos, articles, and graphics. Sonatafy Nexxus Network delivers fun and engaging polls, voting, and coding challenges, which will launch next month. Members have the opportunity to win cash prizes through giveaways and participation.

The Network also released The Nexxus Podcast, with two podcast episodes on the Sonatafy Technology YouTube Channel. Hosted by Josh Nuzzi, Luis Gonzalez & Nicole Breña of Sonatafy Technology, the podcast interviews and asks “senior-level” Nexxus members to describe their experience and the steps they took to achieve their impressive job title. The objective is to provide insight and advice to those who have yet to achieve the highest level in their position and guide our members through an often-challenging career path.

With the help of Sonatafy Technology, the Sonatafy Nexxus Network can provide group members with new and available career opportunities. When positions become available, they are shared directly with the group, and members applying will receive immediate feedback and the next steps regarding the role. It’s important to note that though career opportunities are available to members, the group’s primary objective is to provide knowledge and tools applicable to pursuing a career as a software engineer, developer, or programmer, no matter where you work.

The team at Sonatafy Technology and the Sonatafy Nexxus Network are working daily to help provide Latin American software engineers and developers with valuable content, guidance, and potentially life-changing career opportunities with US-based companies.

Managed by Sonatafy Technology, a Nearshore Software Development company, providing US-based companies with the most talented software developers and engineers Latin America has to offer. The Nearshore model provides clients with skilled individuals who are highly proficient in English, work in the same time zone, and are culturally acclimated to US business practices. Sonatafy also proudly provides Latin American engineers with a great potential to receive higher pay for their services than working for standard in-country firms.

Are you interested in joining the group? Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/14060124/ and Request to Join.

Want to learn more about working with Sonatafy Technology? Visit https://sonatafy.com/careers-in-nearshore-software-development/ to learn about your opportunities.

Sonatafy Technology. Contact info@Sonatafy.com for more information.

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