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Software Developer Job Descriptions Decoded

Jun 28, 2022 | Career Path, Opportunities

Software engineers are responsible for making smartphones, computer games, and much more. They are the masterminds behind different computer programs. There are two main classifications of developers or software engineer job description, namely:

  • application software developers
  • systems software developers

Below is a detailed compilation of software engineer job descriptions and software developer job descriptions.

The time is now to commence your career in software engineering and software and software development. In the words of American entrepreneur Aaron Levie “if you are waiting for motivation from others and if you are doing it wrong, but the time people think, and the idea is good, it will probably be too late.”

What is the Job Description of a Software Developer?

A software developer is responsible for designing and forming computer programs or software applications that power mobile devices, desktop computers, and even cars. Software developers identify user needs and create new apps for any given market and make modifications based on users’ responses.

What are the levels of software developers?

A software developers career comprises five levels, namely:

  • trainee developer
  • junior developer
  • mid-level developer
  • senior developer leader

These levels of description software jobs are pertained to in the industry to understand better and allocate a degree of qualification income and responsibilities. As you move through the ranks and employers’ expectations of your skill, aptitude and responsibilities increase, and so does your income. These levels also help to describe your relevant experience.

Trainee Developer

The trainee is someone who is learning about the role and gaining practical experience in a workplace setup. This is typically someone practicing software development for the first time in an industrial environment as part of studying or as a path to the company of their choice.

Junior Developer

A junior developer says almost the same role as a trainee developer. The junior developer stage is where you are still closely supervised to help build your career. You are not yet expected to be an expert in your work and approaches at this level. This is a level where you will be learning more than practicing.

Mid-level Developer

The stage is reached after you have the experience, knowledge, and skill to do projects independently under minimal supervision. When a developer reaches this level they can start to assume the responsibility of a leader by mentoring junior developers.

Senior Developer

Senior developers are also known as problem solvers. They have more knowledge in the business domain that helps them with the effective transition between projects and products. The benefit of a senior developer is their ability to foresee problems ahead of time and resolve them before they happen.


This is a level after the senior level. As a team leader, this opens up a whole new direction of opportunities in the business world. This is when you can start your own business and focus on your skills.

What is the Job Title of a Software Developer?

The most commonly used titles of software developers are

  • software engineers
  • developers
  • programmers

There are also some other titles used, such as

  • software artisan or
  • software gardener

How Do I Write a Job Description for a Developer?

A software developer or software engineer is a professional responsible for designing and coding software for businesses and customers. Software developers work closely with the clients to determine what the client needs and use programming languages to create programs. A software developer or software engineer is responsible for using programming languages to design software programs. A software developer’s duties or skills depend on the employer, but it revolves around the software development lifecycle.

Do software developers write code?

Nearly everyone identified as a software developer writes code; however, if they’re not writing the code, they are planning the writing of the code, deciding how to write code, or documenting the code written. Typically the duties of a developer change as the developer matures in their career.

Are software developers and software engineers the same?

There’s a difference between software development and software engineering. A software developer builds software and writes programs, develops applications using existing tools, can work alone or in a experience team, and carries out engineering functions on a smaller scale. In contrast, a software engineer experience applies the principle of software engineering to the different stages of the software development life cycle and uses these tools created from scratch to write software. A software engineer primarily works in a team and operates on a big scale compared to a software developer.

The main vairance between a software developer and a software engineer is that software developers are the creative force that deals with designing and implementing the program. In contrast, engineers use the principle of Engineering to build computer programs and applications.

Software engineers conduct on a bigger scale, and they create new tools for software development, while software developers write software using tools that already exist. To some degree, all software engineers are developers, but only a few software developers can be considered software engineers.

Software engineer

  • Oversees the system as a whole using engineering principles
  • Their job requirements extend beyond technical
  • Software engineers are leaders
  • Builds the software systems
  • They work on problems that the client won’t see but will affect their user-experience

Software developer

  • Focuses on creating functional software
  • Software developers rely on engineers to give them the proper perspective
  • Software developers work directly with clients to figure out what they want
  • They work on the parts of code that deal directly with the client’s experience

What do software developers do daily?

Software developers help in creating software and testing it from start to finish. They assess and review phone user requests and requirements, brainstorm practical solutions to meet the client’s needs, and then determine the best solution to create the application. It also involves much coding. Developers scrutinize the equipment’s functioning to ensure the system performs in conformance with the specifications. The program directs the software and develops documentation.

On day-to-day, developers or software engineer examine information to determine and plan the instrument. On a day-to-day basis, developers or software engineer analyze data to assess and plan the installment of new systems or modify an existing design. They also consult with engineering staff to evaluate the interfaces between hardware and software, develop the specifications needs, and resolve problems.

What skills do software developers need?

Software developer or software engineer skills are the technical capabilities and individual abilities to create a successful program or application. This involves using mathematics and a good capacity for problem-solving to write source code. Other types of skills are digital tools and computer systems.

The technical skills needed for a software developer are

  1. Coding languages
  2. Database knowledge
  3. Data structure and algorithms
  4. Source control
  5. Testing procedures
  6. Debugging knowledge
  7. Operating systems
  8. Text editing software
  9. Cryptography
  10. Software frameworks
  11. Cloud platforms
  12. Spreadsheet software

Coding Languages

When engaging in the software programming, coding languages are used, which are different types of source code; a person can write some common coding languages are

  • JavaScript
  • Hypertext markup language
  • Python
  • C
  • Java

Database knowledge

Databases are electronic systems that allow people to structure data and organize records for a company. Software developers should know how to search for information and update a software system with new code. They also understand how to secure databases and backup data to keep a company’s information under any circumstances.

Data structures and algorithms

These are organizational methods for storing data in a database while algorithms are required to finalize tasks. Developers know many data structures and algorithms to determine which combination can help them optimize information in a program’s code.

Source control

Source control management describes the system that helps a software development team trail updates and changes to a program’s coding language. This allows a developer to work on the code individually and then integrate their efforts into one version. Source control management can produce a list of code amendments and help restore a language to an initial state if necessary.

Testing procedures

Which software program requires a detailed testing process before the company can have it be released to consumers. This involves using a procession of digital tools to ensure that a product functions properly and fulfills its design prerequisites. It also consists in operating on different hardware devices and storing private information. there are three components of software testing the developers use, namely:-

  • Unit testing consists of evaluating individual lines or areas of code to determine what requires modification.
  • Developers use integration testing-this testing process to deduce whether they can integrate various areas of the program’s code successfully.

System testing

This test comes after integration testing; professionals hold it to determine if a product fulfills the user’s expectations. Software developers need to understand all the steps of this process because testing professionals often express crucial recommendations for alterations.

Debugging knowledge

This development process addresses and removes omissions in a program’s coding language. This process involves running a program through specialized software to observe each era and use problem-solving skills to determine which part of a cold caused it. Most software developers did, but they’re cold while writing it to ensure its functionality in the testing stage better.

Operating system

Operating systems describe software configuring the device’s hardware and allowing a program to run. It is helpful for a software developer to develop some expertise interferometer the rent types as you can better contract testing procedures and transfer lines of code amongst them.

Tech editing software

The tech editing software program allows developers to establish and revise the plain text, a file that eliminates any formatting used in word processors. Software developers often use check editing software to write the text and symbols required for a coding language as it allows them to transmit the code into another system and format seamlessly.

There are some examples of typical take editing software, namely atom text mate notepad, and brackets.

The great Albert Einstein once said that a new idea came unexpectedly and spontaneously, but intuition is nothing for the result of earlier intellectual experience.


This method of obscuring confidential data using an encryption code or password, often called a key, involves using an algorithmic formula to develop a corresponding description code. This code can review the original data to a user stop.

Software framework

This is an application developer can use to create a program using previously established data such as lines of code I once wrote or software knowledge from other developers.

Cloud platform

Cloud platforms describe the hardware and software required to run the company’s remote database of encoded cloud. The configuration of this kind of platform involves knowledge about coding languages and server management, which are common skills for software developers.

Spreadsheet Software

The software allows individuals to organize data sets and make calculations. You can also use a spreadsheet to unravel any integral equations or manage data before transferring it to a more extensive database network.

Software development or software engineer demands learning from scratch, but with enough training, even industry newcomers can build a solid knowledge base and be ready for any entry-level real quickly if willing to pin in the effort needed.

Software engineers’ salary Houston are higher than those of software developers or software engineer because of their job description and the tasks they tend to complete in the process.

A typical day for a software engineer involves much coding; at any given time, a software engineer manages several software projects developing code and collaborating with fellow workers to solve problems.

This is entirely up to a person’s preferences whether they want to be a programmer or a developer. They are both challenging careers for the software engineer.

Pursuing a career in software engineering has many benefits and is well worth it; however, it’s also not an easy goal to achieve. It takes time and effort.

Aaron Levie, an American entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of a cloud company, once said, “start small, then expand over time. If people call it a toy, you’re definitely on to something.”


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