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Is it worth learning Kotlin in 2022?

Oct 26, 2022 | Career Path, Opportunities, Tips & Tricks

Is it worth learning Kotlin in 2022? Yes, Kotlin is worth learning, especially if you are interested in mobile app development. Kotlin is easy to learn, versatile, and the dominant force in Android apps. As the language of choice for Google, Kotlin has strong backing for future opportunities, and for their advanced capabilities, Kotlin developers are in high demand. 

Kotlin, It is Easy to Learn.

Kotlin’s syntax is easier to learn than the more complex programming languages. As a beginner, you will quickly be able to understand and utilize it for app development. If you’re an experienced developer, Kotlin will help you enhance your programming skills. It is straightforward to learn if you have experience with Python or Java. 

Kotlin, It has Vast Resources.

If you want to learn Kotlin, you will find multiple ways to learn it online. Whether you enroll in a Bootcamp, sign up for an online course, or self-learn through online tutorials, you will have no issues finding the resources to learn Kotlin.

The Kotlin Community backs you.

The community in Kotlin is very supportive; there is a large community of developers. There are Kotlin communities worldwide, and these platforms allow professionals to support each other regardless of their skill levels. In addition, you get to network with experienced programmers who can provide free mentorship.


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