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How to Find Software Engineer Jobs in 2022

Apr 12, 2022 | Opportunities

As a Software Engineer, if you are an entry-level, mid-level, or highly experienced software engineer looking for software engineer jobs, your challenge is not just securing a job. It is finding the right software developer job among hundreds of thousands of them. According to Forbes Magazine, “it’s possible to get into software engineering and make a six-figure salary” in a few years. But the puzzle remains how you will get that software engineering job that best suits your qualifications and work experience. 

Luckily, with this insightful piece, that’s no longer a puzzle as it will enlighten you on how to find software engineer jobs in 2022, how it works, the benefits, and processes. You also want to understand why you should utilize the Nexxus network as a knowledge hub for software developers. And this insightful piece got you covered. 

Who is a Software Engineer/Developer?

A software engineer or developer is an individual that applies the software engineering principles to design, create, and maintain computer software and must be proficient in programming languages. Software developers also test and evaluate computer software to ensure they perform as intended. And as Forbes Magazine puts it, “most software developer applicants will have a combination of hard skills” that may include DevOps Methodologies, Programming, Database Management, Algorithm Coding, Software Architecture, Design, etc. 

20 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get a job as a software engineer?

Academic work is the critical first step to finding a rewarding job as a software engineer. It would be best to have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or related technical fields to become a software engineer. And don’t be surprised with some employers requiring all their potential candidates to be holders of a master’s degree. That’s not all. In some cases, some employers may also require you to have experience working in the industry in which you are seeking employment. 

It is also essential to remember that for software engineers, there are usually no certifying exams or accreditations required. 

Is it hard to find a Software Engineer job?

Securing a lucrative job as a software engineer/developer has never been an easy task. And for multiple reasons, finding a software engineering job may be more challenging the first time around. Why? You most likely don’t have existing software engineer connections or a professional network of friends who can make introductions on your behalf. But if you have completed the critical step of academic work, you are likely to get a software engineering job soonest possible; with experience in the industry, you are seeking a job as an n added perk. 

How can I find a good Software Engineer job?

If you are already a qualified software developer looking for a job, your biggest challenge isn’t securing a job. Instead, it is getting a good and the right position among the tens of hundreds of software engineer jobs you will find online. So, to find and ride that exceptional unicorn down your chosen software engineering career path, follow the following simple steps;

  • Identify, fathom and know all about your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Understand what you want in your software development career and where you intend to go.
  • Develop a highly-selling resume and cover letter.
  • Build yourself a social media presence.
  • Do your software developer jobs right. 
  • Bypass HR when possible.
  • Learn how to respond when software developer employers call.
  • Know what to do and react if employers for software developer jobs don’t call. 

Where would you work if you were a Software Engineer?

If you are a software engineer looking for software developer jobs but curious about where you would work, don’t worry. There is a wide range of places where a software developer can work, from large corporations to small corporations. You can also work as an independent software engineer freelancer, a sector that has rapidly gained momentum, mainly due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Most software engineers work in computer systems design and other related services. However, if you are a software engineer, you don’t have to limit yourself in these areas as other popular industries include software publishing, manufacturing, and finance. 

How can I get a software job with no experience?

For college graduates (and some working software development professionals), securing a software engineering job in IT giants with zero experience is usually a big struggle. So, getting a software developer job may be challenging but achievable if you work hard on the relevant skills while following a strategic roadmap, as highlighted below;

  • Improve your proficiency with programming languages.
  • Ensure you learn algorithms and data structures.
  • Build projects.
  • Consult the professionals.
  • Take part in coding challenges.

Which IT course is best for a high salary?

IT courses offer you an opportunity to develop your software engineering area of interest and ultimately reap long-term benefits in the coming days. With particular IT courses, you will be able to learn and acquire skills that you otherwise would never get to explore. So, the top technologies/IT courses that can help you get a high-paying job include;

Which Software Engineer is in high demand?

Today, the most advertised software skills are SQL, Java, and Python. If you count the number of times each of the above software languages appears in an Indeed job vacancy, you will realize that it ranges from approximately 2,500 outstanding jobs with Golang at the base. This goes to 84,000 outstanding postings for Python at the peak. 

Which job has the highest salary?

This question means you probably are unsure which jobs have the highest salaries. Some of the roles that pay the most belong to three key fields; Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Medical Industry, and Management. A recent study points out that an artificial intelligence programmer’s average salary is $100,000 to $150,000. Equally, $124,812 per year is the national average compensation for a Machine Learning Expert in the United States of America. 

Which Software Engineer job is best for girls?

Forbes Magazine emphasizes that “Engineering…is an amazing outlet for creativity and innovation” for both genders. And In the U.S. and most countries in the world, Computer Engineering is among the most sought-after engineering jobs available to girl students and girl job seekers. Are you wondering why Computer Engineering is most popular among girls? There is no fieldwork with Computer Engineering. The software revolution and the IT sector expansion in the United States of America have made Computer Engineering jobs more demanding. 

Which IT course is best for the future?

If you are an entry-level software developer, IT professional, or student in these fields, you should enroll in the best IT courses for a long-lasting career. They include Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and Blockchain. Other best IT courses for the future include Internet of Things, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Is there a demand for Software Engineer?

Recently, reports have shown an upward trend and a demand increase for software programmers and engineers globally. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between 2020 and 3030, employment in Software Development will rise by 22%. So, yes, there is demand for software engineers if your career is heading in the software engineering direction. 

How do I become a Developer?

Here are the nine top tips for becoming a Developer;

  • Begin by learning a programming language.
  • Fathom and start working on your end targets.
  • Take a Software Engineering course or pursue a degree or masters.
  • It will also help if you begin practicing in your software developer niche.
  • Creating a portfolio of your software development work is also crucial.
  • Ensure you work on and develop your technical skills.
  • Also, don’t forget to build on your non-technical skills.
  • Certify your skills.
  • Create a high-selling resume, build a professional network, and look for software developer jobs.

What do entry-level software engineers do?

At one point, every experienced software engineer was once at the entry level. So, we can’t ignore the enormous contribution that entry-level software engineers make in this industry. With that said, entry-level software developers’ duties and responsibilities include;

  • Familiarizing with the codebase and boosting their general programming skills.
  • Executing software routine tasks like debugging and code documentation. 
  • Collaborating with more experienced software developers to create new software. 

Can you get a job with just Python?

Yes. You can secure a software engineering job with Python only. But here is the thing. The chances are high that the job you get with just Python will be mainly for low-level coding in Python or System Admin. In most cases, such jobs might not take you to your desired software engineering level. 

Do you need a degree in software engineering?

Most software engineer jobs advertised on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor require potential candidates to have a bachelor’s degree. So, in software development/engineering, a bachelor’s degree is perfect, but that doesn’t mean that all experienced software engineers possess a bachelor’s degree. Studying STEM programs like engineering, science, or mathematics, or even studying Computer Science could also help. 

Preparing for my first software engineer

First, congratulations if you have never worked as a software developer before but finally landed a good software engineer job. It is such a huge milestone to secure that debut job offer. If you are unsure about preparing for your first software developer job, here are some tips to help you;

  • Ensure you have adequately learned Git.
  • Identify and familiarize yourself with your IDE or text editor.
  • Ensure everything that you type is proper.
  • Start building confidence in your ecosystem’s developer tools.
  • Perfect your Googling skills.
  • Ensure you maintain a “Don’t Know” list.
  • Shift your focus more on high-impact software engineering tasks.

Who is the most famous software engineer?

There are not one but multiple famous software engineers the world has seen. For instance, Paul Buchheit, with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, is well-known for his Gmail application. Dave Cutler is also famous for his Windows NT application with a bachelor’s degree. Max Levchin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is renowned for his PayPal application. We also can’t forget John Carmack, who, despite having no degree, he is famous for his Doom and Quake applications. 

Can software engineers work from home?

If you are wondering if you can work remotely as a software engineer, the answer is yes. Of all careers, software engineer jobs are among the most conducive jobs for working from home. However, to work remotely as a software engineer, you need to possess the right equipment and skillsets. 

Does years of experience matter to Software Engineer?

Like other fields involving bulk knowledge, years of experience in software engineering matters since it teaches software engineers the best techniques for applying the acquired knowledge when handling real-world problems. Junior software developers usually feature one to three years of software development experience and should be proficient in one to two frameworks/languages. On the other side, mid-level software engineers should feature three to five years of software development experience or have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with one to two years of software development experience. 

How do Software Engineer get interviews?

Nowadays, the best way to get interviews when looking for software developer jobs is to apply online through Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. Days, weeks, or months later, a recruiter may contact you requesting an interview. But before that, you have to;

  • Show clarity about your ultimate goal.
  • Choose a programming language to learn.
  • Earn a bachelor’s in Computer Science or a related field.
  • Read code that experienced developers have written. 
  • Supplement your software engineering studies.
  • Look for a Software Engineers Community.

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