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Mar 5, 2022 | Opportunities

A hackathon, alternatively called a code fest, is a collaborative coding event that brings together computer programmers and other interested individuals to develop or create a new software application.

The term hackathon is a combination of the terms hacker, which refers to an astute coder, and marathon, which refers to an endurance event.

The hackathon idea, often known as a hack day or hack fest, originated in the open-source community. The first hackathon took place on June 4, 1999, in Calgary, Canada, during the OpenBSD Hackathon.

Today, engineering departments, particularly those at web-based businesses, use the approach to foster intrapreneurship within the organization. While hackathons are occasionally held to accomplish a specific purpose, they are frequently used by corporations to pursue employee-driven, out-of-the-box ideas in a low-risk atmosphere. Employees are empowered and supported to cooperate with colleagues from different departments within a certain timeframe and without the pressure of producing a marketable product.

Hackathon ideas

A hackathon is a programming competition organized with the primary goal of generating novel and inventive solutions to current issues. Hackathons are excellent opportunities to demonstrate your programming skills and network with other experts.

The most difficult component of hackathon preparation, however, is coming up with hackathon project ideas. Your concept has the potential to make or shatter your chances of winning. Some of the hackathon ideas include creating a blog, performing data visualization with python, using JavaScript to create a game, building a tool that generates weather reports, building a chatbot, and so on.

Hackathon meaning

A hackathon is a type of design sprint function in which computer programmers and other members of the software development community, such as graphic designers and interface designers work extensively on software projects.

A hackathon’s objective is to build functional software or hardware by the event’s conclusion. Hackathons often have a narrow emphasis, which may include the programming language used, the operating system, an application, or an API, as well as the subject and demographic group of the programmers. In other instances, there are no limitations on the sort of software that may be written.

Hackathon online

An online hackathon is a digital event that brings together individuals with similar interests, particularly those with a technical background, to develop, discuss, and solve predetermined problems within a certain time range. An online hackathon’s objective is frequently to develop a workable solution or prototype for a product or service.

What is a hackathon example?

Hackathons have a wide variety of aims and subjects. Certain hackathons are geared at specific demographics, while others are geared toward specific subjects. Hackathons are growing in breadth and depth nowadays, ranging from students to corporate personnel, from programming languages and operating systems to specialized niches, objectives, and products. Corporate hackathons are a common type of hackathon organization.

Corporate hackathons are private gatherings of employees from corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. They are arranged with the purpose of promoting or developing new items. The Facebook Like button is one of the most noteworthy outcomes of an internal hackathon.

What are hackathon projects?

A hackathon is a competition in which software experts, such as data analysts, programmers, or designers, collaborate to produce new, inventive solutions. Because hackathon is a mashup of the phrases hack and marathon, it is essentially a marathon event dedicated to the creation of new software. This requires teams to work extremely hard for an extended length of time with minimal downtime. At the conclusion of their allotted time period, teams show their work to a jury, which selects a winner. That sounds great, doesn’t it? Without a doubt. It’s even cooler if you can participate in one. Perhaps even better? A big data hackathon is being held since big data is rapidly gaining prominence in data analysis nowadays.

Hackathons come in a variety of types, depending on the project’s objective. For instance, a corporation looking to launch a new app may host a hackathon dedicated to app development. A corporation that wishes to alter the software on its laptops will host a hackathon. Certainly, hackathon projects vary according to the requirements of a firm or the type of participants.

What do I need to prepare for a hackathon?

Participating in a hackathon is a must-do experience. There are several opportunities to have fun, develop new skills, and network with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Everyone is encouraged to give it a try. Here are five pointers to assist you in preparing for your first hackathon.

Find Teammates

The first critical step is undoubtedly recruiting teammates; some hackathons demand team applications or give precedence to teams. This can save the organizer time by grouping individuals, and pre-formed teams often have a greater rate of productivity and synergy. Although there are exceptions and occasionally organizers prefer teams to be formed independently so that each team can include members with diverse backgrounds and specializations, if team building is permitted prior to the competition, you should play it smart and identify your partners beforehand. To form the ideal team for hackathons, you should recruit members from a variety of areas so that everyone can adjust to one another’s shortcomings and focus on your strengths.

Brainstorm ideas

The hackathon organizers may announce the contest themes prior to the hack day; this allows participants additional time to conduct research on the issues.
Prepare your ideas in advance; you may also arrange some questions to ask mentors on hack days.

Find References

There are several source codes and templates accessible online, such as PowerPoint and mockups. Because time is limited during a hackathon, having ready-to-use templates or source codes may save you a great deal of time. Generally, for online source codes, you must spend some time studying them in order to debug or confirm that they are compatible with the version of your programming languages.

Do some research on the company’s background

You may incorporate components from the company’s history into your presentation, such as color palettes, its objective, and current initiatives. These are the details that might catch the judges’ attention. Apart from that, if your project ideas connect with the company’s objective, it will be simpler to pique jurors’ attention and therefore increase your chances of winning the hackathon.

Focus on your purpose of joining

Prior to attending a hackathon, consider what you want to accomplish and how you should do it. For instance, if you want to network with domain experts, you can dress up somewhat, come early, and seize all opportunities to promote yourself on stage or in front of others.

What is hackathon crypto?

A blockchain hackathon is a one-day event, typically organized by a technology business or group, where programmers get together to collaborate on a project for a limited amount of time. Participants work quickly and frequently without sleep to complete their tasks, as the events typically last only 24 hours or occur over a weekend.

What is a tech hackathon?

Tech hackathon is a social coding event that brings together computer programmers and other interested individuals to collaborate on the improvement of or creation of a new software application.

Can beginners join hackathons?

Due to the competitive nature of hackathons, attendees range from beginners to professionals. You will receive assistance but do your study before attending.

For instance, if the hackathon you like to attend features a data structure-related event, conduct research. However, you do not have to be an expert on that subject.

What makes a good idea?

Not every project is a good fit for a hackathon. It is critical to maximizing the following characteristics of the projects at your event:

Very well expressed. Projects should begin with a well-defined topic or problem to be solved, followed by a suitably specified proposed solution.

Attainable. The majority of initiatives will accomplish around 25% of what they believe they can do in the allotted period. Manage each project’s objectives so that participants leave the session feeling accomplished, not disrupted.

Simple to integrate newbies. Projects should include jobs that are ready to go for newcomers with a range of skills and abilities. For coding projects, these activities should not need detailed knowledge of the code base, and the built environment should be configured in less than 20 minutes. Make a task list or create GitHub problems in advance!

Led by a stakeholder. A stakeholder steers a project toward relevance in the actual world. Without a stakeholder, projects might “solve” an illusory problem. In an ideal world, the leader (or one of the leaders) would be a stakeholder or a suitable proxy for one.

Organized. For projects with four or more individuals, particularly newcomers, the project leader’s responsibility should be to coordinate, ensuring that each team member has a task and assisting new team members in settling in.

Who can participate in a hackathon?

The hackathon is open to all ages. If you are under the age of 18, you should contact the hackathon to get a waiver permitting you to participate and submit their plan for your participation and transportation to and from the hackathon.

How do I start?

The entire process of planning a hackathon, marketing it, generating registrations, brainstorming, and prototyping takes between 30 and 40 days. A program of innovation cannot be more fluid than this.

After you (the organizer) have determined why you want to have a hackathon, the next stage is to choose who you want to include and how you want to involve them. Companies may thus choose between an internal hackathon and an external hackathon, depending on their objectives.

How long does a hackathon last?

Hackathons often last between one and three days (24 to 72 hours). Certain hackathons have lasted between four and five days. It all comes down to your objective and project strategy. You’ll want to allocate sufficient time for teams to make significant progress.

What is a hackathon in TCS?

Tata Consultancy Services, TCS’ Middle East and Africa geography hosted its inaugural hackathon in December 2020. It targeted Middle Eastern nations and was tasked with developing an Arabic Conversational Technology using TCS Knadia (TCS Chatbot) and Votek – an automated speech recognition (ASR) system and a TCS COINTM partner.

Are only for coders?

There are several abilities that individuals may bring to the table in addition to coding. Hackathons are increasingly becoming events that are accessible to anybody wanting to build and learn.

According to the 2015 Hacker Survey conducted by MLH, 13% of registrants identified as non-computer science or non-engineering students. Additionally, female attendance increased to 22.5 percent, up from 14.3 percent the previous year; organizers also noted a significant rise in the number of participating high school students. Hackathons are increasingly drawing designers, surgeons, MBAs, and artists – and it’s easy to see why.

What is a hackathon in data science?

On DataHack’s data science hackathons, you may compete against the world’s top data scientists and machine learning professionals. This is your opportunity to work on real-world data science challenges, develop your skillset, learn from elite data science and machine learning experts, and hack your way to the hackathon leaderboard!

For newcomers, data science hackathons might be difficult to crack. To participate in one, however, one does not need to be an expert in the topic. Indeed, contests and hackathons are an excellent opportunity to hone one’s talents, get badges, solve challenging challenges, and finally earn some money in a fun way. Numerous hackathons and contests organized by platforms and data science communities such as Machine Hack, Kaggle, DataCrunch, and DataHack enable people to compete against prominent data scientists and machine learning specialists in order to win, practice, learn and expand their portfolio.

What skills do you need for the hackathon?

In order to build a stable and worthwhile hackathon team, there are certain skills that each member should have. The skills include domain expertise, designing, front-end development, back-end development, and project management.

Which language is used in a hackathon?

When registering for a hackathon, ensure that you select the language in which you are competent. By selecting the appropriate language, you can overcome any obstacles that arise during the tournament. Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java, C/C++, C#, Swift, Ruby, and HTML are the most popular and are the languages most frequently used by developers at hackathons.

How do I join?

Inquire. By asking your coding pals, you may learn about possibilities to join in.
Access the Internet. Major League Hacking is a non-profit organization that hosts free 24-hour hackathons for college students. You may check their page once a month or so to see if there are any new hackathons you can attend. Additionally,
Devpost will host a few hackathons, which you may learn more about. Please bear in mind that registering on Devpost does not guarantee your attendance at the event. Please do a search for the hackathon’s name to get a comprehensive webpage of information that is not hosted on Devpost.

To Conclude

Hackathon newcomers frequently experience “imposter syndrome,” the sense that they do not belong because they lack certain talents or are not intelligent enough. Of course, they are incorrect, but unless they have a sense of belonging, they will be unable to have a rewarding experience. If you have not participated in any hackathon competition but are looking to have a great career with hackathons, you should consider consulting Sonatafy and Sonatafy Nexxus, an IT website focused on building a community for software developers and engineers.